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Stop Buggin' the Trio, Rita Skeeter!

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We hope to stop the tabloid articles about Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson
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The purpose of this community is to unite ALL fans of the Harry Potter films under a common mission:
to put an end to the untruthful, unethical, and even unlawful practices of certain media outlets. Everytime privacy, dignity, and personal space of a Potter actor is violated, we will do whatever we can to let the guilty publication know that the largest fanbase in pop culture will not let these actions slide.

We will issue boycotts, and we will write letters to attempt to force the hands of some less reputable news sources into ceasing their disgusting practices. Hopefully, with time, we can make a difference.

I know the task is daunting, but even if we are not successful in putting an end to these practices, at least we can show that we support Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint and all the other young Harry Potter actors as they attempt to carve a life out of the hectic celebrity scene.

Every time an article is issued in which something false is printed, or something offensive and violating is done, we will issues contact information to the editor of the publication, the writer of the article, and the publication in general for you to issue letters of your distaste. Also, there will be banners to support our favorite stars and flyers to let everyone else know the injustices occuring.

When we issue our ANTI Press releases, we ask that you do your part to boycott and flood these publications with letters of protest.

We sincerely thank you,
-Stop Buggin Staff.
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